Our Packages

I can work with you in-house, and you will benefit from a constructive, objective, and honest relationship with an expert who can help you focus on the parts of your business that need attention.


1-5 staff
£ 9k

18 days consultation

(6 days per month over 3 months)


  • Standard new business audit
  • New business development strategy document
  • 12 month activity schedule
  • Marketing collateral development (basic)
  • In-house mentoring and coaching


6-20 staff
£ 18k

36 days consultation

(6 days per month over 6 months)


  • New business workshop (1/2 day)
  • Full New business audit
  • Lead generation & in-house support
  • Target sector matrix
  • New business development Journey Document
  • 12 month activity schedule
  • In-touch strategy document
  • PR support (4 days)
  • Marketing collateral development (full toolkit)
  • In-house mentoring and coaching (6 days)

* Prices subject to location. **Prices are subject to duration of working together – if we get the job done    sooner then I don’t hang around!

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